Cargopass is a unique information and communication tool that enables you to easily search a database of available cargo (shipments) and vehicles and communicate effectively. Cargopass offers:

  • an excellent price/performance ratio, whether you specialise in manufacturing, transportation, courier services or warehousing;
  • an intuitive web-based user environment to speed up and facilitate your daily activities;
  • continuous updates of offers and requests – you can keep track of what’s new at all times with the integrated support for mobile communication and mobile phones;
  • easy management of your branches and business partners, whether you have ten or ten thousand;
  • integration with other enterprise systems that you use in your organisation;
  • high security and data privacy, and much more!


  • Full unlimited access to the Cargopass database without any restrictions
  • Annual price: CZK 9,975 / € 399
  • Monthly price: CZK 975 / € 39

Cargopass LITE

  • Access to the Cargopass database with the exception of contact details for business partners
  • Price: FREE


If you are looking for the ideal carrier for your products, Cargopass is the answer. This solution enables manufacturing companies to:

  • view currently available vehicles ableto transport your cargo;
  • input cargo parameters into the system to quickly find the ideal carrier;
  • automatically receive notifications of newly entered records that match your requirements – by email, text message and internal system messages;
  • find contact details for the right people at verified transportation and courier service companies;
  • easily manage contacting selected collaborating business partners in calls for tenders (and only those selected if required).

Obtaining quick and easy access to requests from existing or potential customers is an invaluable benefit. Cargopass enables you to:

  • search the database of currently available cargoes according to the parameters you set as priorities;
  • input your available vehicles into the system and automatically match them with suitable cargoes;
  • immediately and automatically receive notifications of all records matching your predefined requirements and vehicles available;
  • input updated records en-route using your mobile phone;
  • find contact details for the right people at manufacturing companies;
  • receive up-to-date information on your regular customers’ current requirements.

What’s new

Records on the increase

2021/07/11 Thanks to the continually increasing number of users and the excellent work of our Cargopass Assistant Team, the number of records is growing daily, which will be of benefit to you as users.



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